Artist’s Network Annual Competition!

Artist’s Network Annual Competition! DEADLINE: April 2, 2018 Artists Magazine’s Annual Art Competition wants to honor your most outstanding work. If you think your art should be celebrated in Artists Magazine, (or if you — like me — need the experience of preparing for and submitting ON TiME for every art competition possible) then this competition…

“Dogwoods Everywhere” T-shirt, designed by Yours Truly

Please at least LOOK… 25% off 2 weeks only (I haaaate merchandizing) Minted says: “You can purchase tee shirts below until Monday, April 2, 2018 at 11:59 pm PT. Please note that these tee shirts are only available in a new section of the Minted site called Minted Now and will not be searchable on,…

Women’s Artwork: “The Other Art History”

In what I hope to be an upcoming series, “The Other Art History,” the authors re-write all of the art history books available to you in your schooling and bring you information necessary to think about “Other artists who have largely been excluded (or perhaps more accurately, occluded) from our understanding of movements throughout art…

Try Boxshot Lite Free!

Boxshot Lite (I am not an affiliate, but) … This website was a little fun for free.  Although paid hi-res formats are available, I was able to place my “Dogwoods Everywhere” pattern on this book cover.“>Try it!! “Dogwoods Everywhere” (c) Abby Reid AFR 2018

Figuring Out Allegory in Art … What?

Vermeer, Caravaggio, Titian and Bernini All Used Them. “Allegories — complex narratives built on layers of symbolism” Did that make it any more clear?  Not for me either! Read on …. Do-you-shy-away-from-this-painting-approach?

Paradise Experiment.

This is the kind of fine art photography and digital compositing that blows me away.  This is way more than owning a DLSR and computer with a graphics card! I would welcome your (positive) feedback and invite guest  bloggers knowledgeable in this field. LEMANSHOTS – FINE PICTURES AND DIGITAL ART via Paradise Experiment.