Recipe For Cold Wax Medium

Source: Recipe For Cold Wax M4edium I would like to start collecting formulas  or “recipes” for the DIY Earth friendly artist. Any artist who would like to contribute to this effort, please feel free to contact me through the comments below!

Recipe For Cold Wax Medium

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So today I decided I’d every once in a while to share recipes and techniques to all you art makers out there. A lot of these I obtained when I was still in art college by various art instructors and fellow colleagues. This particular recipe came from a…

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I could really use your help … I have 9 entries in the“Young at art Minted x Pottery Barn kids ART PRINTS VOTE“ Yup… that Pottery Barn, the nationwide chain.  If you can spare a few moments to look at my entries and cast your vote, I would really appreciate it!  There are also stunning…

The Question was: “What does it take to be an artist?”

A: The three Big P’s – Patience, Persistence, and Passion. Without all three you will not have the stamina to work tirelessly for very little external reward. You can expect help from no one. There are so many obstacles to art-making and countless reasons to just give up. When you really think about it, it’s […]…

The Other Art Fair, November 2017

Here is an excerpt : ” Facts and Figures: Established as an artist fair, The Other Art Fair leads the way in uncovering and nurturing new and innovative creative talent, allowing artists to forge direct relationships with potential buyers and gallerists. Applications for The Other Art Fair New York November 2017 are now open.” The package* is $1,680…

Solar Eclipse – August 21, 2017 – An Art Show

Valley River Art Guild of Murphy, NC, presents:  “The Valley River Arts guild has been busy planning for the biggest event that has ever occurred in Murphy, the once-in-a-lifetime Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st. For more information: 828-360-3038 ”  Valley River Arts “Great American Solar Eclipse

Readings from Women Authors

Kate Gavino shares five stories about forgotten women authors, from Anita Brookner to Nancy Mitford. via Forgotten Women Writers: A Reading List — Longreads