Legal Stuff to Add to Your Blog ASAP

A good thing to re-post every once in awhile not not not still invite guest bloggers with knowledge of this subject, especially an artist-attorney, to chime in.

Abby Reid

I came across this article called, “5 Simple Tweeks to Legally Protect Your Blog Right Now.”  (Twenty years as a Paralegal has left me extra appreciative of the importance of these types of stuff, not typically things thought about by us artists!)

One of the nicest parts of this article is that the author invites readers to use his material! This is great for busy artists and parents who are overwhelmed enough already.  I would, however, caution people that it really would be advisable to give the original author credit somewhere (at the bottom, for instance); besides, that is – at least – professional courtesy.

So take a few moments and read the blog post at the link I have posted below.  Like I said, I am NOT an attorney, but in my opinion as an Artist (!) it looks pretty good.  (If there if an attorney out there who…

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