Recipe For Cold Wax Medium

Have to try this!

mary garoutte fine art

So today I decided I’d every once in a while to share recipes and techniques to all you art makers out there. A lot of these I obtained when I was still in art college by various art instructors and fellow colleagues. This particular recipe came from a former art instructor of mine while studying at NSCAD. I tend to paint impasto, (fairly thickly, using a lot of paint), so this recipe comes fairly handy for those who want to build density to their oil paint, texture to the overal aesthetic of their oil paintings, as well as creating a lovely matte finish. If you’re familiar with the artist Wayne Thiebaud and love the buttercream frosting appeal of his paintings, you’ll appreciate this recipe. I especially love it for how economical it is, as you can stretch-out the use of your oil paint by mixing-in cold wax medium.

Okay. Now I’ve…

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