Thought for Today

I was reading an article on the subject of Creativity and Sadness or Grief, finding the writing quoted below which stuck a cord for today.   … Anyone have any quotes (or thoughts) you wish to share? on your journey in and through:

Creativity and Sadness or Grief Quotes

“May was about HOME. And something in those reads gave me the idea to get a clean sketchbook, a pen and simply to use any moments I chose to draw anything I found I loved in our home. One sketch of the dog under a tree led to many others, and eventually, with the simple choosing “to take a line for a walk” as Paul Klee termed it, I found the way to reconnect with whom I most deeply am- a creative that needs to create to be well and balanced. . And that knowing has given me the strength to carry on.  Connie Ivey,,  (May 27, 2017)



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