Copyright and Intellectual Property for Creatives, $15 off coupon!

Anyone who has not tried … it is a site where FREE classes are broadcast daily, for instance:

  • Tomorrow, October 22, 2017, @ 9:00 am Pacific

  •  PHOTO & VIDEO Advanced Photoshop Tips & Tricks, BEN WILLMORE
  • “Make Things Make Money”  The Business of Illustration and Lettering, DINA RODRIGUEZ, FREE Broadcast, October 22nd – 23rd

  • You can even  Add  Stuff You Want to Watch to Your Calendar

    • Apple Calendar
    • Google Calendar
    • Yahoo Calendar
    • Outlook

There is a re-broadcast of PHOTOSHOP WEEK 2017 ! There are so many classes and instructors (42, I believe) … there is something for everyone, beginner to advanced.  Check it out …..

(I am not really into buying classes, but for example on May 24, it was 30% off any class … so I purchased one on Copyright and Intellectual Property for Creatives!)  Just in case you find one to buy, the link below will get you $15 off your purchase! (discount!)

Have fun or relax & learn!

 I do … and I invite guest bloggers to contact me

(as a reply to this post, email, or Facebook) and let’s see what we can put together!


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  1. Nadine says:

    Thank you 🙂 Just used your code!


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