Does anyone else think this is a prescription for art therapy ? “PTSD from medical trauma is REAL” 


I was completing a bachelors degree in art , which I was planning to follow with a masters in art therapy, when I got sick .  You know, the kind of sick that knocks you off your feet … You can’t get out of bed … You think you will surely die … 

But alas, I got to live with severe , debilitating, rheumatoid arthritis . The kind that deforms your hands and your feet and anything else in between .  However, I can still paint … Which is why I still have some semblance of sanity! Now drawing with graphite pencils is another story … That hurts beyond belief. I am trying to teach myself how to draw with a Wacom … it is certainly an uphill battle…

Would anyone else care to share their stories of PTSD and/or your recovery through art ? (Your story of fellowship, strength , hope , and recovery , can make all the difference in the life of another … Really, it is true ! )


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