An abstract art?

I have to admit I’m not too sure I understand about abstract art. 

I have spent all this time up to the point in my life — now after decades of painting — and not painting — where I can finally get a representational human face on the canvas. I thought that was pretty remarkable. But it seems that no one else is interested in representational art, at least no one with any $$  attached.

 I had an experiment with my art. While I have done surrealism before,  and rather enjoyed it , I have never done abstract  art  in the past. I posted a couple of pieces abstract art to my Instagram feed  this past week. They are rather fast  to create and do not take the months that a representational portrait will take me ( I am still building in the experience Department).  I think I was a little dismayed to see that I got more likes more quickly on the abstract pieces than on any other representational pieces I have posted in the past. Now someone might say that I am just getting more known in the Instagram world. Or someone might say that the abstract art was better than my representational art.

The real problem for me is this:. There was really no satisfaction in creating those pieces. There was no sitting back and examining it or all sorts of angles, no being amazed when I had captured a likeness. No sense of satisfaction or accomplishment, no sense of inner peace, nor wishing to place it on my wall. Maybe that’s just me. Anybody with you comment on this?


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