What is ‘archival quality’ adhesive?

Turning Memories Into Heirlooms

Adhesives, glues and other fixings can only be considered archival quality if they are removable without causing unnecessary damage to the mounted item.

Fixings are used to mount fragile photos, prints and artwork to supportive backing boards, album pages and display mounting card. There are many types of adhesives made or constructed from acid free materials that are available for this purpose, such as polyester hinge mounts, linen tape, pH neutral glue and the more traditional photo mounting corners.

We offer the following popular fixings for your special collections:

Acid Free Mounting Corners – made from inert (acid free) polypropylene they allow for photos, prints and design work to be fixed securely without the item coming into direct contact with the adhesive.

Acid Free Hinged V Mounting Strips – a secure, unobtrusive fixing medium made from high quality polyester with a neutral acrylic dry mounting strip on one outside face…

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