Can I Use PVC Sleeves to Store My Family History Documents?

Turning Memories Into Heirlooms

Family history collections consist of large amounts of paper documents, certificates, photos and postcards and good quality indexing and storage solutions are needed to ensure the long life of your collection. PVC pockets, pages and folders are inexpensive and easily obtainable from all high street stationers.

 However, they do contain harmful plasticisers that are unstable and break down over time releasing the acids that cause your photos and documents to become brittle and discoloured. Also they tend to trap moisture which cause the fragile contents to stick to the plastic making them very difficult to remove without damage to the surfaces. Choose enclosures that are the best quality that you can afford and at least are acid free / archivally safe.

 There are two main types of archival, ‘acid-free’ storage sleeves available on the market – polypropylene and polyester. Both are archival quality and chemically inert.  The high clarity polypropylene sleeves are…

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