Things that stifle creativity

In an earlier post, I asked what other people thought stifled creativity. These past couple of weeks I feel like technology is stomping all over mine. I have been so obsessed with trying to create this course… the one I want to teach online… that I have not lifted a paintbrush. It is just that all of the technology has changed. It has gotten better, and left me in the dust.
Of course a great deal of the problem is that I do not wish to appear on the camera, so to speak. The majority of the teachers… Especially the women… Are young enough to be my children. My husband says that the voice of experience is a good thing, but I am not so sure. I think I would just appear just plain old… At least to the viewers. I do not think of myself old at all. My mother, who is in her nineties, now she is old by her own admission and proud of it
But in the art World, it seems there is little room 4 realist expressionistic art. When did only abstract expressionism take hold? Why wasn’t I informed? Hahaha. Well, I am not going to change. It has taken me decades to be able to get representational art on the canvas and I am going to continue in the direction I’m going. Someone out there… Someone will want to buy my art, not just prints, and hopefully in my lifetime.
In the meantime I will continue to ask… If anyone cares to share, please comment below… What do others find blocking their creativity?


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