First official blog post

I was trying to think of something worth writing. So I decided to think about what interferes with creativity.

I see many young creative types writing about the importance of a neat and clean workspace. I wonder, do these people have families? Do they have to complete a day’s chores before they can be creative? And the answer is yes, I’m sure many of them do; however, they have the stamina of youth of which I have been robbed early by rheumatoid arthritis .  There is no self pity in my voice (if you could hear it.).. Rather, an acceptance — gained over the last 8 years — of what is… that everything about me is being changed by either medicine to slow disease or the progression of the disease itself. All I have to do is look at my hands to be reminded. But I tell you this not as an excuse, but as a point in my motivation to become the Grandma Moses of my generation… lol…

So… I do not have a neat and tidy workspace. I have unfinished ideas for artwork which predate Pinterest ! Clean up and organize you say? Many times I have done just that. However, I work much in the fashion of the absent minded professor. I will blame that on the 20 years working for probably the most decent lawyers in the world. Good honest folks, but only one had  such organized thoughts that you could watch gears in his brain turn… undoubtedly the smartest man I’ve ever met. Unfortunately, those 20 years I allowed to be mostly lost to creative output.

These days, the very nature of oil paints has changed . Everything is so much more readily available there is a choice to do preparation by hand or purchase  stretched canvas , canvas panels ,  or whatever your preference , readymade. I actually prefer to do the preparation by hand. My husband still will make me the stretchers from scratch and where I used to stretch the canvas or linen myself, he now does that for me with the aid of canvas pliers. Who ever heard of canvas pliers before? New invention. I no longer have the strength in my hands to stretch canvas even with the aid of canvas pliers… Let me tell you , this is a real kick in the ego of someone who was very independent and not only self-supporting but sometimes the sole supporter of the family.

A new word in the world is digitize.. sometimes I believe digitize should be in the four letter word category. While I was amazed by the first DSLR, to digitize my oil paintings & upload them to this website or that website can be agonizing. Then there is Adobe Illustrator … and vector shapes… Before encountering these, I believed that I had kept to myself I rather up to date with personal computer technology. However, what I thought should have been simple design submissions to turned into agonizing battles with Adobe Illustrator. Finally after months of agonizing battle with Illustrator, I had a winning submission and earned a Web Store at . Check it out if you’re ever in the neighborhood.

I guess this is a good enough place to end for today.  Until next time
or next week…

Avis the Artist
(Avis is pronounced
with a short “a” like in Travis)


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