Anywhere We Go…*

Kathy Nida

Holy moly, waste of a morning just trying to get technology to work right. Chrome just doesn’t like me unless I’m incognito. So there we are. Seriously, I meant to be sewing right now. I quilted for about 6 hours yesterday and got all the outlining done and started on the background quilting. By the end, the machine was making some noises, but I think it’s the foot…I’m not sure. I’m hoping I can finish today and go buy the binding and maybe even get it sewn on.

I also bent the hell out of a needle…usually they break!

IMG_7930 small

So I need to check my needle stash before I start sewing again.

IMG_7931 small

I wasn’t sure I’d get the outlining done even, it was taking so long. Fourteen hours plus of just outlining.

IMG_7932 small

One eye done, one eye not.

IMG_7933 small

Her whole face, although I realized afterward that I never did the…

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