Do We Really Want Consequence-Free Speech?

Mary E Warner


It has been announced numerous times in the media that people who support Donald Trump for president admire him for “telling it like it is.” In my mind, and through the contradictory and often inflammatory things Trump says, “telling it like it is” means saying whatever is on your mind, regardless of the consequences. Trump doesn’t seem to care for the consequences of what he says, angrily balking at criticism, yet he also seems to get a free pass for most of his comments. Perhaps that’s because he says so many outrageous things that it’s difficult to keep up with or counter them all.

Maybe this is what his supporters are keying into. They appreciate a person for “telling it like it is” and getting away with it. They connect to this consequence-free speech because it is something they wish to do.

Is consequence-free speech really something we want as…

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