How to set-up an Oil Painting Studio…

I could not agree with you more on the subject of paper towels versus cloth rags! I don’t have a north facing window either (rather east instead) and use one of those multi-level/bulb stand lamps with “daylight” florescent bulbs. I also have a “daylight” (and by that I mean the 5000–5500 Kelvin ratings you mentioned) spotlight bulb in a cheap reflective fixture left over from when we had chicks. I have seen some articles (such as in Pop Photo) for assembling a homemade “soft light” …. it occurs to me that this might be a good idea; sometimes glare can be truly annoying!
Loved the idea about casters for the easel! Would be interested in knowing your specific recommendations on this….

The Oil Painter's Studio

Studio setupStudio lightingThis is a basic set-up,  inexpensive and doesn’t take up too much room. I use the dining area of our home for my studio.  If you are using chemicals, make sure your space is well ventilated.


Lighting is everything. I assure you, I have researched this subject thoroughly. I have tried Every type of lighting on the market. Some Artists are fortunate enough to have a north facing window, this would be an ideal lighting condition, However, some of us aren’t so lucky. The alternative, 5000k natural daylight. Mine is 5500k. This is inexpensive and I’ve seen all sorts of companies trying to pass off the same light for way too much money. I was able to get mine at a fraction of the cost.
I have a 5500k kino Flo Light suspended on the ceiling above me, so the same light is shining directly on my canvas and…

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