Thoughts on finding lost creative passion

This morning I was listening to a live session at the woman was some kind of life coach, I believe, and very engaging. I think the session may have actually been on making a super outstanding business.

But what I heard stand out… What meant the most to me… Was to do what you love… To find your creative passion, and pursue that and other things would fall in place. Wow, what a theory.

There was substantially more to her live session, and — believe me — I took notes, but I am not using those notes for the preparation of this blog entry. The notes are not necessary. What came immediately clear to me when she said “… pursue your passion …  pursue what you love …” was, I want to paint.

I found oil painting rather by accident about 25 years ago… The paints  were on sale or on clearance somewhere. I had such fun, they were so messy then. I rather enjoyed going to work at my law office with oil paint all over my hands… I took to doing my fingernails as they were stained with oil paint. I produced a lot of canvases, most of the mediocre, but I had a great time doing it. Then we moved more than a thousand miles from New England to the Deep South. Although my mother watch from the Deep South and I had visited here my entire life, I suffered from a profound culture shock. Each time this time of year,  the homesickness is front and center. What was worse , was I did not pick up the oil paints for at least 15 years… I saw nothing of beauty or not to paint and  — after having another baby  here — I thought myself are too busy with day-to-day items anyway!

Four years ago my daughter attended her first formal dance. I was so taken aback by her beauty as a young woman , that from my photographs I assembled a likeness to paint a portrait in monochromatic purple! (By the way my kids had been  bugging me for months  to start painting again and had even bought me fresh paint…) Since then I have enjoyed some successes and borne some failures… but, what I want to do is paint!.

I submitted a digitized “posterized” version of one of my landscape paintings to some months ago and — to my surprise — won one of their design challenges.  The bad part of that has been my struggle struggle struggle with Adobe Illustrator. It has been taking up far too much of my time. After all, all I really want to do is paint!

I would invite anyone who reads this blog to join in a commentary, a discussion if you will… Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or dad or someone painting after work or school… Perhaps you picked up the paint brush for the first time when you retired!. Perhaps you don’t paint at all, but you draw. Maybe you’re a woodworker, you know who you are. Whatever the creative art, I invite you to leave your discussion and I promise I will get back to you.


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