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Anyone who has not tried … it is a site where FREE classes are broadcast daily, like: On May 29 – May 31, 2017 … there is a re-broadcast of PHOTOSHOP WEEK 2017 ! There are so many classes and instructors (42, I believe) … there is something for everyone, beginner to advanced.  Check it out…

Pearls from artists* # 248

Source: Pearls from artists* # 248 This quote speaks to beauty and sacred things.  It occurs to me that sacred things are the source of inspiration for beautiful works of art (whatever that may mean), but also the road leading to deep darkness and division.  Much harm has been done in the world in the…

My “Trumpet Lilies” Painting

My Featured Artwork on My Trumpet Lilies painting gained a little recognition this week when “featured” on the Homepage of “Painting the Old Way” (traditional methods only).  Please give this and my other artwork a look!

Check out SketchUniverse

There seems to be some helpful content on this site, worth some studying!  (But as always, take what you need and leave the rest!) via Hands, arms, legs and feet — sketchuniverse

Legal Stuff to Add to Your Blog ASAP

I came across this article called, “5 Simple Tweeks to Legally Protect Your Blog Right Now.”  (Twenty years as a Paralegal has left me extra appreciative of the importance of these types of stuff, not typically things thought about by us artists!) One of the nicest parts of this article is that the author invites…